What is the best class focused on the environment you have ever taken?



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    The best class I have ever taken that is focused on the environment was a Marine Ecology class I took in college.  It really opened my eyes as to how all ecosystems fit together so precisely.  All little changes really can make big differences.

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    For me, it was the freshman seminar I took fall quarter 2009 called “Earth’s Fragile Biosphere.” My professor exposed me to many environmental issues, including the overpopulation of human beings and the deforestation problem. At the end of the course, we were required to write a letter to a major newspaper and to a political leader, which was a new and valuable experience for me. Also, I enjoyed another freshman seminar I took about wildlife conservation. I learned so much about the biodiversity crisis and it’s really opened up my eyes.

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    Even though I’ve taken a lot of classes that are centered around the environment, I felt that Environmental Science 101 was the most beneficial. Despite being an introductory course, it covered a wide range of issues that are pertinent to the environment today.  My instructor covered global warming, its causes and what we can do to help reverse climate change.  We also learned about the importance of ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.  It was a great class that was really hands on — it helped me become more knowledgeable about the problems our environment faces today. 

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    I took a Global Warming class this year that was very informative, and thus the most popular class at my school. The teacher had written the textbook (“Global Warming” by David Archer), and was very accomplished in his field. He taught me the basics of what global warming was, the myths surrounding it, and what it is actually doing to the climate. What David did this year that was great was put videos of his lectures online for everyone to see. If you’d like to check them out, the link is below. 

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    I was in an environmental communications class. In this class we were introduced to various communication perspectives on environmental studies with a focus on public participation in environmental decision-making. This course helped me critically analyze and assess environmental issues and reflect on my own environmental impact and commitments. During the term I was able to do research on past and current environmental news issues. I was able to engage in discussions about the communication of risk and resolution of environmental conflicts. As a class we studied scientific, economic, and activist approaches to environmental issues, and I was able to volunteer with an environmental service organization. 

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    I got school credit for studying abroad on an eco-village in India called Auroville. They accept students for month long or 6-month long courses of study. I would highly recommend doing something like that, if you can.

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