What is the best city in the world for urban gardening?



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    There is are many cities that are great for urban gardening, Seattle and Portland are at the top of the list, and I have attached a list of the rest of the cities.  The  South Central Farm, up until  2006 was the largest urban farm in the United States covering 14 acres.  The farm was also the subject of the Academy Award nominated documentary The Farm in 2008.

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    Both Chicago and Philadelphia have two entries on this list of the 15 best urban farms.  Farms were selected for their use of alternative energies, as well as for their social benefits.  These include better nutrition and higher income.  The Green Youth Farm in Chicago is particularly cool to me – they teach students how to run the farm, from planting seeds to eventually cooking and selling the produce.  They also teach them how to manage bee hives!  

    Based on purely anecdotal evidence, because I live here, Portland is a good city for urban farming.  Walking through my neighborhood every day, I pass around a dozen homes with small gardens in their front yards – they grow everything from tomatoes to pumpkins – and probably half a dozen who keep chicken coops out front.  I like seeing agriculture seemlessly embedded into city life.

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