What is the best brand of polarized glasses for fishing?



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    As an avid fisherman I myself have faced this question many times. The key to a good pair of fishing glasses is not just getting a pair or polarized glasses, but also finding a pair of glasses that dont let light in from the side. I myself have been most loyal to a $15 pair I bought at a gas station when I forgot my Oakleys at home.

    The key difference in cost is not the polarization itself, all are the same, the difference is in the lens material, tint and coatings. Your choices for lenses are: Glass, which gives better scratch resitance and visual use but is more expensive and heavy, Polycarbonate, which are easier to scratch than glass but are half the cost and weight, and Acrylic, which is the cheapest type yet still protects from 99% of reflected glare.

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