What is the best brand of coffee if I want to be eco friendly?



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    The best way to be eco friendly in your coffee choice is to buy locally. Try to find local roasters near you.

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    Try Peace Coffee, it is an organic fair trade company that is now located in Minneapolis. Their building is the Philips Eco-Enterprise Center (PEEC) It is a “comprehensive green commercial facility developed by The Green Institute in Minneapolis. It is one of the nation’s first comprehensive green commercial buildings constructed on a speculative basis for multiple tenants. The facility is unrivaled by commercial peers in the same region.”

    The beans used are certified organic which means that coffee farmers must cultivate not just the beans but an entire ecosystem. You can find out more about their coffee and the process they use on their website. 

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    Never by starbucks. They are simply “green” brand, but are not a “green” company. I would also not go with Dunkin Donuts as they use styrofoam cups. I would make your own coffee using organically grown. I use the kureug and it is great. 

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