What is the best bottled water company for the environment?



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    I’m going to apologize in advance for not really answering your question. To research which bottled water company is the greenest seems analogous to researching which coal plant burns the cleanest. There are definite arguments for which bottled water companies make the best tested and filtered waters, but bottled water in general leaves an enormous carbon footprint in comparison to tap water. From the energy it takes manufacturers to create it, to the fossil fuels required to distribute it, to the unimaginable waste it creates due to bottles thrown away or littered (9 out of 10 bottles, 30 million a day!), it is simply not an environmentally friendly option. Even the best quality bottled water is manufactured by companies like Nestle whose water sources have been under suspicious for over harvesting water and damaging the native environments. There are many options for filtering tap water if purity is your concern, and the environment will be much better off for it.

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    I completely agree with the answer before mine. That being said, there are some companies who try and make their bottles more environmentally friendly. The companies who I am going to refer may very well be a part of a larger corporation such as Nestle or Aquafina. The process to bottle the water is also very bad for the environment.  Biota Spring Water makes a compostable plastic bottle and is made from corn products. Dasani puts a green cap on their bottles to show that it has been made with less plastic that the earlier models. These companies are starting to catch onto the green trend. We can try and be happy with these little steps until further action can be taken.

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