What is the best bike sharing program in the world?



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    As far as the city with the largest number of stations, and the most popularity of the program, I would say that Barcelona takes the cake. However, I am partial to the bicycle infrastructure in my city of Davis. Although it is not strictly a bike share program, the Davis Bike Collective does so much more for people by providing them with good bicycles at minimal cost. They re-use a lot of perfectly good bicycle parts to create custom pedal-powered vehicles for anyone in need.

    There are more bicycles than there are people in Davis. Personally, I keep two bicycles and no car. I think that a bike share program could be very nice for the rare occasion when I get a flat tire (less than twice a year) and would like to borrow a bicycle, but I don’t think that I would be happy sharing my bicycles on an ongoing basis. If you spend enough time riding a bicycle that fits you properly and then temporarily switch to riding one that doesn’t fit, you’ll see what I mean.

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