What is the best argument for using local food?



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    There are several reasons that you should eat and use local food, as it is better for your health, the environment, and your community. For one, local food is much fresher and tastier than food that has been packaged and transported thousands of miles. Locally grown food is also much less of a threat to the environment – the transportation of other food adds to an already threatening carbon footprint, as carbon emissions will increase over thousands of miles in a truck or plane. Using locally grown food will also help to maintain the farmlands in your area and boost the economy in your community. Additionally, local foods are much safer – when you know where your food is coming from, you don’t have to worry about an overload of pesticides or if the food carries certain bacteria.

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    This may not be the best argument as shaunabannan spelled out some great ones. But I’ve found that buying local food is more of an experience than regular grocery shopping if you go to farmer’s markets. At farmer’s markets you can get to know the people who grow your food and ask them questions. That’s not something you can do at your local grocery store. I love going to farmer’s markets primarily for that reason. 

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