What is the best American made vehicle for the environment?



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    The bicycle.

    One of the biggest ecological decisions of your life: If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you can use a bicycle (or your feet, or public transport) don’t use a personal car. Don’t buy them, don’t use them.

    I say this in seriousness, because I think what you were asking is which product from Ford, GM or Chrysler is “best” for the environment, and the answer is they’re all horrible.

    Marketing departments have done a clever job, for example, convincing trendy shoppers to buy Prius. The idea is that if you “save” a couple hundred bucks in gas — you’ve just helped the environment! Not! Not as much as you would have by not driving! And, speaking as someone who owns a car that is rated 5 stars for safety, whereas the Prius is rated 4, I’m not planning on risking my health to save a couple hundred bucks’ of gas money.

    So the whole flaw in the logic of “best vehicle for the environment” is that what’s “best” is not to use them at all. And no automobile/truck/snowmobile/motorcycle is really very ecological.

    And P.S. If you DO own a motor vehicle, for goodness sake keep the tires inflated, and the engine tuned at the recommended intervals. In that sense, a “best” car ecologically is a safe one that you can afford to maintain properly!

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