What is the best alternative fuel we have come up with so far?



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    There are several alternative fuels. There is a debate as to which one is the “best.” Some people believe that ethanol (made from corn, barley or wheat) is the best alternative. Others believe that bio-diesel is the best option.

    Other alternatives to traditional fuel are electricity, hydrogen, propane, natural gas and P-series fuels.

    The best type of alternative fuel will probably depend on what it is being used for, and the way it is produced.

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    Any fuel that require energy to create other than the sun (including ethanol from corn, natural gas, etc.) is not a good alternative because they are not renewable energy sources therefore they will be depleted and will result in environmental damages. The best sources of fuel are sources that come from the sun, the moon, and the earth’s natural geothermal energy. These are abundant and renewable as long as the Sun exists. These alternatives include wind, tide, solar, and geothermal energy.

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