What is the best alternative to CFLs?



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    CFLS are more eco-friendly than incandescent light bulbs, however, they contain mercury making disposal very difficult. Light Emitting Diodes bulbs are considered the light source of the future. They have the same low energy usage as CFL bulbs but contain no dangerous chemicals for easy disposability. They can be recycled without having to worry about pollution.

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    Though CFLs do use less energy, it is true that they use small amounts of mercury; a broken CFL can be a hassle due to the possibility of mercury poisoning. LED lights are fast becoming the new trend in lighting with LED bulbs that take the place of regular bulbs. These can cost between $30-$50, but they last much longer, are safer, and shine brighter by using the smaller bulbs to create a larger lighting surface. LED lights are used in cars, street lights, advertisement screens and more. The diode bulbs are newer, but will catch on when their prices come down. 

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