Of what benefit are scorpions to man?



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    There are just a few types of scorpions – like the Bark Scorpion – that can actually kill a human being with their sting.  However, that is always out of self-defense, as a scorpion never kills a human being with the intention of eating them.  Scorpions rely on small rodents, insects, and other scorpions as their sources of food.  In case you didn’t know, scorpions are not insects themselves – they are arachnids, and therefore are related to both spiders and ticks.  To answer your question, since scorpions are predators (carnivores), I would have to argue that they are important to human beings (and, in fact, the entire cycle of life) because of the very fact that they are a predatory species.  Predators are very important to balancing life on Earth because they essentially are responsible for managing the food web.  By doing this, they actually help the species that they hunt, because by nature they usually pick the weakest examples of that species to kill and eat, thereby maintaining the strength of the particular species that they hunt.  Humans, in fact, do the opposite of this – we usually go for the best looking, or strong looking examples of a species when we hunt (especially for sport).  Here is a particulary intersting article on this subject: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/01/hunters/.

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    Actually, there are many markets and restaurants in China that sell scorpions as food!  There are many peoples in the world who depend on certain insects for protein. Eating scorpions while stranded in a desert environment is another creative way to stay alive (provided you are careful with the stinger).  It may seem gross but it is a potential use.

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