What is being done to save the gorilla population?



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    There are many international NGOs that are working to save the gorilla population, such as World Wildlife Fund, Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. They play an active role in developing policies, researching and advocating for support. 

    CITES, which stands for Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, is a international treaty that makes sure listed species are not traded commercially or if they are, that the transaction won’t threaten their survival. Gorillas are a very prized items in the animal trading world for their meat, skin, etc… 

    Many governments and agencies are trying to develop more sustainable so that wildlife habitats can remain intact for gorillas to live on. For example: the Animal Rescue Foundation is seeking cell phone donations. Because the demand for certain materials in cellphones are wrecking gorilla habitats, recycling cell phones to reuse them can decrease the mining for these virgin materials. 



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