What is being done to reduce noise pollution?



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    The City of Seattle has actually been building sound barriers around neighborhoods that are nearby new freeway expansions. They are also planning on extending the program to cover older neighborhoods that have portions of city freeway running through them.  I know freeway sound barriers have been popular in other places as well, but that’s about all I know when it comes to measures against noise pollution.

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    Many things are being done to reduce noise pollution. There are a few alliances, such as the “Noise Pollution Clearinghouse” and the “National Alliance Against Loud Car Stereo Assault” that work with communities to reduce noise pollution in cities. Many companies produce commercial and residential noise barriers to counteract noises coming through walls. For help silencing barking dogs, there are many devices that can be bought and kept in your home that emit high-pitched sounds whenever a nearby dog barks. 

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