what is beautification of the environment?



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    The term environmental beautification refers to programs which protect and which seek to restore the beauty inherent in the targeted environment. The term is also used in city planning, when architects, landscapers and engineers seek to create aesthetically appealing cityscapes. Beauty is a very rough term, the way light slides across an oil slicks creates a beautiful spectrum of color, but oil slicks are in no way seen to contribute to the beauty of an environment. I’d say conclusively that beautification of the environment is a process which seeks to preserve or restore the vibrant and lively interactions which take place within balanced ecosystems.  

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    Environmental beautification enhances the quality of the environment, for the purposes of bringing out nature’s beauty. The process could be small, e.g., a community garden, or very large, e.g., the Civilian Conservation Corps which President Roosevelt founded. Environmental beautification programs are often started to help a community reconnect with nature.

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    Environmental beautification projects might start with cleaning up trash from public parks or removing graffiti from buildings. Abandoned homes or buildings may be demolished in order to set up a green space, or they could be renovated into a functional business or community center.

    Building trails through wooded areas or along rivers, creating green medians, and planting flowers in public places can help add natural elements to city structures. Artistic elements, such as vibrant murals depicting happy and brilliant scenes, can help tie together an urban environment with the Earth and human creativity.

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