What is the Bay Area’s bike sharing effort?



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      The Bay Area Air Quality Management district, which has the job of improving air quality in the region around San Francisco, has joined forces with several local jurisdictions and transportation agencies to pay for a $7 million dollar pilot bike-sharing program that calls for strategically locating up to 100 bicycle kiosks with a total of about 1,000 bicycles to provide commuters with an alternative to single-occupancy cars, particularly in traveling to and from urban transit centers.

    The sharing program could enlist bike commuters beyond those already converted in communities with large employers like Redwood City (think Oracle), Mountain View (Google), and Palo Alto (Facebook), not to mention San Francisco and San Jose.

     The bike-sharing service will be  subscription based  and will rely on radio-frequency identification smart cards and wireless, Internet and GPS technologies to track bicycles and their users.





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    In an effort to cut on carbon emissions, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, along with other agencies, is hosting a 7 million dollar pilor project to set up 100 bicycle kiosks in San Francisco. The program works a lot like zip car, but for bikes, with an annual subscription and a reservation charge.

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