What is a bandicoot?



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    A bandicoot is a term used to describe marsupials that comprise 19 different species in two families. Bandicoots can be found primarily in Australia and New Guinea. They fill an ecological gap in these areas that would normally be filled by rats and mice. It is interesting to note however that the term “bandicoot” is also used to describe the bandicoot rat that is native to both India and Southeast Asia. There are currently open discussions concerning the adding of rats to the bandicoot group of marsupials (Wise Geek, 2011).

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    Tha bandicoot is a small rodent-like marsupial.  They can be 12 to 31 inches long, with a 4-to-12-inch tail. There are 22 species, all of which can be found in different areas of Australia and surrounding islands.  Like its fellow marsupial, the kangaroo, the bandicoot gives birth to underdeveloped offspring who reside in the mother’s pouch until it is grown enough to survive outside.  The pouch provides protection and contains the mother’s 6-to-10 teats for feeding.  Unlike the kangaroo, the bandicoot pouch opens toward the rear, which is perfect for an animal that digs as much as the bandicoot.

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