What is bad about farm raised salmon?



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    Well for starters, farm-raised salmon have much higher concentrations of carcinogenic PCB’s than do their wild counterparts.  Farm-raised salmon also have higher concentrations of persistent chemicals such as DDT.  Overfishing to feed farm-raised salmon is also another huge problem.  Those who supply food are taking away the food source from wild salmon as well as dolphins and other animals that feast on the smaller bait fish.  Farm-raised salmon are fed more antibiotics in a year than any other livestock, but much of it is not absorbed by the fish.  It is released back into the environment and can cause bacteria mutation that can harm an ecosystem.  Finally, genetically modified salmon do escape.  These salmon have much shorter lifespans than their wild counterparts, and if they are allowed to breed can cause a serious problem for the endurance of the species.

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    The main problem is that the farm raised salmon have a higher levels of pollutants that cause issues with cancer, and can cause problems in the brain, especially in small children, while wild salmon don’t have these issues. Some claim that it’s the feed farm salmon get that contaminates them, but no one can say for sure.

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