What is the average temp of the Amazon?



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    Do you mean the Amazon Basin or the Amazon River? In either case, these extensive features span a good portion of the upper half of the South American continent. Despite their range, however, temperatures throughout the basin are fairly consistent:

    At both Manaus, Brazil (in the heart of the Basin) and Belem, Brazil (closer to the mouth of the river on the Atlantic coast), the average annual temperature is 81 degrees farenheit (27 celsius).

    In the western part of the Basin, at Iquitos, Peru, the average annual temperature is 80 degrees farenheit (26 celsius). South of Iquitos is Pucallpa, where the average temperature is 79 degrees farenheit.

    As for the river itself, I’m not sure what the temperature is. Water levels fluctuate throughout the year, flooding surrounding forests during high water season and then receding to lower flows. This website, however, recommends that Amazonian species be kept in water temperatures from 74-78 degrees farenheit. The river’s temperatures are probably close to that.

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