What is the average height of people in China?



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    The average height of a Chinese female is 5’4.  The average height of a Chinese male is 5’8.

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    In an article it has been shown that the average height and weight of chinese people are growing. Chinese children are an average six centimeters and roughly 6.6 pounds heavier than they were 30 years ago. The average height of 6 year old boys grew from 112.3 centimeters in 1975 to 118.7 centimeters. Chinese girls had an averaged date of 117.7 centimeters, 6.2 centimeters more than in 1975. Alongside an increase in height, there has also been an increase in weight. The average weight of boys is 3 kilograms higher than in 1975 while girls were 2.7 kilograms heavier.

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