What is the average depth of a oil rig?



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    There are many different types of oil rigs that have specific purposes and can reach a variety of depths.  Both Semi-submersiful Platforms and Tension-leg Platforms can reach depths of up to, but no higher than, 6,000 feet, or up to 1,800-2,000 meters.  Different platforms are used in different situations, but the two named above would most likely be used when performing offshore drilling in the oceans.

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    The other answer refers to water depth, I think. Drill rigs can operate in water deeper than 8,000 feet, and then they can drill into the earth a further 30,000 feet plus. The “average depth of an oil rig” has to reflect the fact that there are many many wells onshore that are shallower than 4000 or 5000 ft. So the average is a fairly low number, and varies from year to year and from type of well to type of well and country to country. In 2008, for US wells, the average depth for exploratory and development oil wells was 5,094 feet.

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