What is the average cars per household?



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    In the United States the average for vehicles-per-household is 2.28 vehicles. This is troubling, especially when we consider that the largest category in the data is household that have three or more cars (makes up 35% of the data).

    Around the world, many countries in Wester Europe have high numbers of vehicles per household. Italy, Germany, and Austria all have over 490 cars per 1000 people.

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    Experian Automotive found that households with three or more cars are the single largest group among American car owners. The United States has a national average of 2.28 vehicles per household.

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    Note that 490 cars per 1000 people says nothing about the number of cars per household (and therefore should not be compared to the 2.28 vehicles per household), and 490/1000 = half a car per person.

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