What is the average amount of water that humans drink?



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    Difficult to find an actual number but it seems that ever since the 8 glasses a day was recommended people have been trying their best to stick to that.  The common belief now though is that people don’t actually need those 8 glasses as most people who eat healthfully actually gain a lot of their liquid intake from other foods that contain water, such as fruits and vegetables.  That being said, water is certainly not bad for you and the more the better (almost — it is possible to drown yourself with water but only by drinking extreme amounts).  One statistic mentioned that the average human will drink about 75,000 liters of water over the course of their lifetime, which depending on how long the person lives is about 2 – 3 liters per day.   

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    I also had a difficult time finding an actual number.  The average American uses 176 gallons each day, but that includes showers and running the dishwasher, etc.  3.9 trillion gallons are consumed by Americans each month.  Scary right?!

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