What is the average amount of pets a typical American household has?



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    Here are some statistics for you regarding pet ownership (updated 2007):

    37.2% of households own dogs, 32.4% owns cats, 3.9% owns birds, 1.8% owns horses. 

    An average of 1.7 dogs are owned per household, 2.2 of cats, 2.5 of birds, and  3.5 of horses.

    There are more statistics (including ones regarding other types of pets like hamsters, fish, etc.) here:


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    Around 63 percent of households in America own at least one pet, which totals to about 69 million households. These households own “73 million dogs, 90 million cats, 139 million freshwater fish, 9 million saltwater fish, 16 million birds, 18 million small animals and 11 million reptiles.” By adding these figures together and dividing them by the number of households, this indicates that the average American household has 5.2 pets!

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