What is the average age that someone in the United States learns to ride a bike?



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    around 2-5. According to this Wall Street Journal article, age 3 is when children begin to understand and grasp the leg movement required to pedal a bike. Age 4-6 is when children have developed the necessary body control, strength and balance to learn to bike without training wheels. 




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    What majphan referenced is pretty accurate. I was technically on a bicycle before I was born, but I didn’t really learn how to ride a bicycle on my own until around age 2-3. My parents have stories about how I would climb up on one of the little bicycles in their bike shop, sit there, and demand them to push me. So, they taped my feet to pedals and that is how I learned.

    Bicycling is a life skill that people should continue to use in adulthood 🙂

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