What is the Australian government doing to help the environment?



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    They have many different projects going on. They have renewable energy tax credits. They have wildlife protection and environment protection plans like for the Great Barrier Reef. They also have more new emissions restrictions.

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    The Australian government’s Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities works to protect and conserve the country’s environment and heritage through policy, programs, and legislation.  Currently, their Parliament is considering a Product Stewardship Bill that was introduced in March 2011.  The bill intends to help manage the environmental, health, and safety impacts of products and their disposal.  “The framework includes voluntary, co-regulatory and mandatory product stewardship. The Bill implements a key strategy of the National Waste Policy agreed by governments in November 2009 and endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments in August 2010.”

    More news on the Departments initiatives can be found at their website:


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