What is AT&T’s smart grid plan?



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    “The smart grid is the current grid with the addition of modern communications and new, inexpensive sensors and control devices. With the smart grid, utilities for the first time will have real-time information on current conditions and will be able to remotely enable demand-response requests.

    AT&T is playing multiple roles, from providing the communications backbone for carrying sensor data, to enabling two-way communication between consumers and utilities.

    All parts of the grid will need to communicate, and this requires standards. AT&T Research is working with NIST and other standards boards as well as manufacturer organizations to help create a reliable and secure network environment for the smart grid, with an emphasis on promoting decisions based on solid science. AT&T chairs an IEEE standards subcommittee for smart grid loads, and also contributes to ZigBee, IEEE P1901, and ITU G.hn proceedings, along with many others.”


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