What attracts fish in tropical waters?



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    Lights attract most fish. Water-safe lights (safery note: only use lights specifically designed to withstand water at risk of electricution) are great to use to lure fish. Ideally, use two different colored lights around three to four feet apart from one another. Fish are often attracted to different colors. For example, some fish prefer green, while others may be attracted to white. Just remember to use ecologically- and user-safe bait to lure your fish!

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    Interpretted differently, habitat attracts fish.  There have been several places where artificial reefs have been created by sinking out-of-use ships, buses, tanks, and other man-made items into the water to create an area fish and marine life flock to.  The marine life gains surface area and stability, tourists gain a sight of a lifetime, and states gain the income from the new tourist industry.  (There is some controversy about unsafe chemicals leaching from these structures though, and worry of making over-fishing too easy.  Read on at the link below)

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