What ate three feature of a tropical climate?



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    Low-latitude climates include tropical moist climates, wet-dry tropical climates, and dry tropical climates. 

    Tropical moist climates are characterized by heavy rainfall all year round and high humidity. 

    Wet-dry tropical climates feature wet seasons and dry seasons and temperatures around 18 to above 25 degrees Celsius

    Dry tropical climates are characterized by dry heat and light winds which allow for the evaporation of moisture in the atmosphere. 

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    One type of tropical climate is the tropical wet climate found in rainforests. A few characteristics of this type of tropical climate are listed below.

     1) High levels of biodiversity are common.

    2) A variety of diseases are prevalent due to the ever-warm temperatures.

    3) Soils are often fragile and nutrient-poor due to any fallen nutrients being rapidly recycled.

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