What aspect of a typical super bowl party uses the most energy?

e.g., the TVs, the driving, the food, etc.



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    I suspect that the TVs at a Super Bowl party use the most energy, judging from the parties I’ve been to in the past. This is because multiple TVs were usually on at one time, and many of these TVs were not the most energy-efficient models. TVs used for Super Bowl parties are often large, which makes them use more power than smaller TVs. For instance, a 52-inch LCD TV uses twice as much energy as a 32-inch LCD TV. The amount of energy a TV uses also depends on the material it is made of; plasma TVs use nearly three times as much energy as an average LCD TV. In California alone, TVs make up 10% of a home’s energy use.

    Of course, this would probably depend on the party: some parties emphasize the food more, others emphasize the TVs, others have more people traveling long distances to get to the party, etc.

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    One estimate (in link) suggests that one TV at 8 hrs per day, 30 days a month, costs $5.35 per month, or 18 cents per 8-hr day, or 9 cents for the 4-hour Super Bowl. Lets say it’s an energy hog TV, and uses 30 cents for the program, and they have three of them, call it $1 to run the three big TVs.

    The national average cost per mile to drive a car is 52.2 cents a mile. Say you have 5 friends coming to your party and they each drive 2 miles to your place (and 2 miles back). That means 20 miles driven, times 52.2 cents/mile = $10.44 – and that’s for only 5 people who live pretty near by. I would suggest that driving would be far and away the biggest energy cost for almost any superbowl party, unless all your friends walk or bike to your place.

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    I would believe that the food consumed at Super Bowl parties has the largest environmental impact. An estimated 222,792 football fields worth of farmland is required just to grow the avocados, corn, and potatoes consumed. This doesn’t include the billion chicken wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Drinks have a large impact as well–over 325 million gallons of beer are consumed. I am sure a good number of cows and pigs are also eaten during the super bowl. It is my belief that the agricultural damage is greatest. 

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