What areas of thought may overlap what people consider to be scientific knowledge versus personal belief?



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    I would have to say that the biggest area of thought that fits this description is religion.  Many have their own personal beliefs that can come into conflict with science.  The belief that the our planet was created in a few days contradicts the best scientific theory we have right now for the creation of Earth.  Science and religion don’t always have to be mutually exclusive, however.  People can choose to believe whatever they want no matter how crazy it might seem.  Scientists also have the right to present their findings without complete disregard from the religious community.   It’s a delicate balance, but it’s one that needs to be achieved in the future.  I’m not sure if this is where you wanted to go with your question, but I hope it helped.   

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    Of course religion would be a standard answer, as it is an obvious area where personal beliefs and scientific explanations can be either be completely competitive or complementary. I’ve included a link here of a great publication that discusses this exact overlap between scientific knowledge vs. personal beliefs, and the effect it has on the human mind and on human behavior. I would really suggest you read it, because it explains very well how these two areas contradict/complement each other and what it signifies on a psychological level. Happy reading! 🙂

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