What area in the United States has the most wind power?



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    Texas is home to the most wind power with 10,223 MW of wind power capacity.  The next closest state is Iowa with 3,708 MW.  Texas’ huge wind power capacity far exceeds any other area in the United States.

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    This isn’t exactly a large area, but Rockport, Missouri, a town of 1,300 people as of 2008 was the first and only town where everything was completely powered by wind generated electricity.  So if you’re looking at things in terms of percentages, they’re at 100%.   Texas definitely is the state producing the most wind power, but this only accounts for 8% of the state’s electricity use, mostly because the wind blows where no one lives and the state is in the lengthy and costly process of building transmission lines hundreds of miles to Texas’s population centers.  As of 2009. Iowa was the state using the greatest percentage of wind power.  Wind derived energy accounts for 15% of its electricity.

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