What area can we save the most energy?



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    On a small scale their are a lot of minor things to do that can add up to a significant difference. These small adjustments can be thing like adjusting home appliances, refrigerators can use up to 20% of house hold electricity. Other appliances such as dish washers and water heaters, air conditioning and air filters use a lot of electricity, and cutting back on using them or just adjusting them can make big differences, like turning up the thermostat by 2 degrees on the a/c. Some are investments that pay off, like buying energy-efficient CFL bulbs or even better LED bulbs. CFLs use around 25% while LED around 10% of the electricity used by a traditional light bulb. Investing in low flow showers are also a great way to indirectly reduce energy used. Isolation is also crucial for homes as it helps keep the air temperature more constant inside, either warm or cold.  

    On a larger scale, people can use the public transport systems more often, or ride bikes or carpool to wherever they’re going. Recycling also has beneficial effects on energy used in the long run. Businesses can also adopt some of the small scale changes to reduce their consumption. 

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