What concerns are there about GM food?



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    There are both concerns about the possible health effects for humans as well as wider negative effects on the environment. Health concerns include toxicity and carcinogenic properties of GM foods while for the environment there is concern that the modified genes can spread through the surrounding ecosystem with unintended consequences. While further testing needs to be done, so far the evidence does not support the harmfulness of GM foods to humans.

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    In recent years, various studies have criticized Genetically Modified food on the following principles:
    1.) Environmental Hazards (GM crops have been shown to remove a higher amount of nutrients from the soil, making crop rotation and sustainability an issue. Also, a recent study found that GM corn has proven harmful to the endangered Monarch Butterfly and various species of caterpillar.
    2.) Human Health Risks (There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. In addition, some studies involving lab rats have demonstrated harmful effects of GM food on the digestive tract over a long period of time.)
    3.) Economic Concerns: Because patent infringement is a serious concern in the world of agriculture, many consumer advocated have become worried that the strict enforcement of GM patents will raise the price of GM foods so high that they would become too expensive for impoverished nations and communities to afford, thus widening the global gap between the rich and the poor.

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    People are concerned about GM mostly because the impact they have on human beings and other organisms is still unknown. People fear that these food may excite and transfer allergens and have a negative impact on human health. Also, scientists don’t yet know how cross-pollination will affect other organisms in the ecosystems.

    Many are also concerned with the ethical questions that arise from these processes. Some people believe that GM technologies “violate organisms intrinsic values.”

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