What are your thoughts on staying put?

As in settling in to a place, letting the seasons be the new and different, the exotic and the entertaining?



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    Interesting question, lunafish.  I feel like my answer might be similar to many young peoples’ outlook on things, but I don’t know.  I don’t really want to stay put until I am older.  I would love to travel and see the world and ideally, live in a new place every couple of years.  I think I may have to settle for vacations though, because getting a new job every year or two might not be very realistic.  I live in Chicago, so we definitely see all four seasons here, but it would be neat to live somewhere with a different climate for a while, too.  Anyway, I guess I am just taking things as they come so we shall see!

    What are your thoughts on the subject lunafish?

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      A bit of a delayed response…I am probably about the same age as you (early 20s), and have actually entered a phase of my life where I want to stay put. The term “settling down” scares the bageezis out of me, but I also dont think that is what is happening to me. Its more a desire to get to know this place, this land, these people, in and out, up and down, season after season, in the changing light. For a good portion of my life I loved to move around, travel to far away places where people spoke exotic languages and lived in ways I had only imagined–and those experiences were incredibly valuable to me, mind expanding and inspiring in truly profound ways. So, I certainly understand the desire to travel and the benefits that it can bring. But it has also been remarkable for me to live on the same plateau and literally not get in a car to go farther than I could walk for months on end, and to be ok with it. Because as you begin to look closer, to see in more nuance and detail, there is ever more detail and nuance to see. Its endless and so the “change of scenery” the “new and different”, the “mind expanding” that is part of what is so beneficial to traveling, happens right before me, right here, as I stay put.

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      very interesting perspective, lunafish.
      that is awesome that you have gotten to travel, and the way you have described staying put as having the same potential for being new and different is very cool.

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    While we all would love to travel more, it does add more carbon to the atmosphere.  Since modern technology including cars and planes has made traveling easier, our climate has undergone some drastic changes.  Until our methods of transportation “get green,” it might be a good idea to stay put.  Also, studies have shown that living in more tight-knit communities is good for our health, environment, and general well-being.  While it is exciting to travel, relationships are better reinforced in stable communities. 

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    I think that since the world has become and will continue to become globalized because of computers, the Internet, faster transportation, etc., it is important to have an urge not to stay put — at least for a period in your life.  The United States is no longer effectively isolated from most of the rest of the world by the oceans on our coasts; I saw a kid in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a Seattle Seahawks jersey on.  Staying put physically increases your risk of staying put mentally in your ideals and beliefs, and close-mindedness is adverse to social entropy (read equilibrium, not disorder).  That is not to say that beliefs themselves are a bad thing, and I do value that the world has and has had cultures of — quite literally — all types.  I think there should be a balance between appreciation for another’s culture/beliefs and pride for your own. 

    On the other hand, I do agree with what franceseugenia said.  Building community is important.  But communities should be reinforced with understanding, and understanding comes from experience.

    Then again I’m of the same mind jeffb is: I love to move.  So maybe I’m just saying this because that belief of mine is staying put for now….

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    It’s been my dream to live in a foreign country for years now, and I live my dream now, so to say. I like travelling around living all over for a couple of months but home will always be home for me. I like to experience things first hand and I would like to travel around world one day, visiting all sorts of places. I am always excited to travel to a new place.

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    I think if I found a place I wanted to stay in, then I would probably not mind staying put.  But otherwise, I think I need a little change in scenery every once in a while, if only for a small vacation.  It really depends on what happens in the future, but I can understand both points of view on the matter.

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    I definitely do not want to stay at where I am for the rest of my life. I went to college about 8 hours away from home and the 4 years there was one of the best experiences I ever had. I learned so much about myself and how to take care of things. I like to think I matured. I really enjoy exploring and getting to know a new city. I enjoyed the freedom away from my family. I am working now and am living back home.  I love my family but sometimes spending too much time together can become stifling and boring.  I think I am old enough to support myself, so I should stop freeloading off of them. I want to live away from home to once again do what I did in college. I want to live in a place where I feel more at home. Though my hometown is Los Angeles and has been all my life, I have never felt at home. I think my personality does not fit with the city life. I also want to explore the world, not necessarily live in a foreign country or across the country, but a different place to experience a different lifestyle and culture. I hope I can have the opportunity to live in a different place again. Perhaps when I attend grad school, I can do that. If it doesn’t happen, I will make the best with what I have and try to travel more often. 

    Interesting Discussion!

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