What are your thoughts on the reports that BP lobbied the British government to release the Lockerbie airliner bombing prisoner?



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    My thoughts are of uncertainty. I don’t know if BP wanted a faster transfer for the prisoner in order to gain access to Libyan oil reserves. If they did want to transfer a prisoner in order to gain access, it’s indicating that they’re fine with changing the location of a murderer in order to make money. I doubt that the prisoner would be released due to any bribes, though. In general, I just don’t like BP and the fact that they could be even somewhat responsible for the release of a prisoner just makes their case worse.

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    I feel that it is totally correct and that BP wants Libyan oil. I feel that the oil industry has a huge say in what government does and definitely funnels money under the table–contrary to normal belief. I would like to believe that they are not doing this kind of stuff, but I can’t. 

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    I feel as though I cannot be surprised at the measures a corporation will go to in order to profit. BP currently has a track record of disgrace, from neglecting the safety of their employees to failing to have a real disaster plan, so I’m not surprised when more disgraceful actions come to light.

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