What are your thoughts on nuclear power?



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    While in the past Nuclear power was looked as one of the most reliable and cheap forms of power. Nuclear power, while expensive up front, is a cheap form of electricity that produces virtually zero emissions. With fluctuating prices of natural gas and other fuelsused and the bad image of coal power nuclear power can offer a brighter future for electricity production.

    Until recently this has been the view of many Americans. After the tsunami that struck Japan, people now have a different view. Japan, a highly technological and advanced country, suffered and is continuing to deal with a major nuclear catastrophe, a catastrophe caused by supposedly unforeseeable events. If there is one thing that is certain we can never predict what mother nature will unleash on us.

    Another side of nuclear energy that most people never see is the nuclear waste. The nuclear material used in reactors does all burn up while being used as a fuel. It decomposes and then must be transferred to a nuclear waste facility. Most facilities are in the desert or buried in mountains, but this waste is still something that needs to be considered. Some radioactive waste takes hundred of years to decompose. It also must be transported across our highways and railways to get to a holding site. Do you want this waste driving through your town past you children’s daycare or school on the way to storage?

    Even with all the benefits of nuclear power there is a huge risk factor that comes from nuclear power. Having a potential meltdown would be catastrophic to the surrounding community of a nuclear power plant. I think this alone warrants enough reason to not want nuclear power. There are many other green alternatives that can safely produce energy and save us from the risk and the waste of nuclear power.

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    I think that nuclear power could be a good option if it was carried out responsibly. However, Nuclear power has a bad reputation in the human rights department. Native Americans have been exploited for mining uranium ore and storing nuclear waste. So, if we stored nuclear waste in the middle of a wealthy neighborhood with the means to encase it in thick layers of lead so that it did not poison the community, I would be all in favor of it 🙂

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