What are your thoughts on nuclear energy?



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    Every form of energy is going to have issues – solar has a problem with disposal of photovoltaic cells after use, wind is involved in bird kills, hydropower creates dams that vastly change ecosystems, and coal is just dirty and has a laundry list of issues. Nuclear definitely has it’s problems and dangers but when broken down, it is actually a clean burning fuel. The largest problem is rod disposal and is something that could be fixed if enough importance and money were devoted to it. Despite a heavy amount of proponents, nuclear is still better than coal.

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    Personally, I am not a huge supporter of it, mainly because of the radioactive waste that we do not really know what to do with.  I find it to be very risky to just use nuclear energy, and deal with the waste problems at a later date.  The consequences could be drastic, and it could be too late before we learn how to deal with the waste.

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    Considering the current events, I am feeling that we need to reduce our dependance on nuclear energy. Scientists are working to develop alternatives and so far there is one: a Bloom Box. This is an emission free, eco-friendly device about the size of a refrigerator that goes in the backyard of a home, providing power for that unit. It provides clean energy and is inexpensive to operate. I think we need to put more funding into options like this; more sustainable and greener ways of providing power that are also realistic. 

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