What are your opinions on hunting? Why?

Hunting is always a hot-button issue for people who care about animals and the environment, and I’m curious what the community here thinks of it — and their reasons for those beliefs. Here’s hoping we can get an interesting discussion going.



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    I’ve grown up in a small rural area where the first day of hunting is actually a day off school.  Personally i’ve never had the desire to hunt.  It has never appealed to me.  I am not morally opposed to it when it is regulated.  You never want to hunt and kill more than a species can yield.  Populations of animals need to be controlled for practical reasons and hunting seems to be the way that we do it.  Ideally you could control the population or deal with the population of animals without killing them.  The reality is you will never eliminate hunting from our society.  It is too ingrained as to who we are as a culture.

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    I have to say I am impressed with everyone’s willingness to treat this subject with the complexity it deserves. The human relationship with the natural world is currently quite disturbed and has been so for many generations, though over the past 60 years or so, it seems people have become exponentially more detatched from the ecosystems that support us. Hunting is one example among many of an activity that was once an integral part of human culture that has since taken on a variety of shapes and sizes, implications and consequences, and people take part in hunting for a similarly wide ranging variety of desires and needs.  So much so that it is not really a single activity but rather multiple activities called by the same name. 

    I think it is appropriate for humans living in close proximity with wildlife to defend themselves, their  and that which they have given time, energy and resources to developing (e.g. livestock, orchards, gardens etc). “Defense” can take multiple forms, the last resort of which would be hunting and killing an animal. I also think it is appropriate to hunt individual animals that are part of a healthy (or over) population for meat, hides, blood, bones etc which have multiple and integral uses for rural homesteads. We live a material existence, and those materials often come animals, so we have to be able to use them wisely and responsibly be able to support ourselves indefinately.

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    I grew up in a rural area and now live in an urban area.  Both locations have been true to their stereotypes in that there were many hunters in the rural area and many people who find it abhorrent in the urban area.  Having said that, my own position is this: I think hunting for sport is indefensible.  You could take your gun to a range if you want to shoot something, and if that isn’t a big enough thrill for you, skydive instead of killing something.  However, I don’t know what can be said to discourage hunting.  Our laws permit it, and many people have hunting in their families.  I don’t think you can tell someone not to hunt, no matter how you feel about it.

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