What are your Green New Years Resolutions?


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    Plant a garden, full of native wildflower and delicious foods (:

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    My green New Years resolution is to make the little changes in my lifestyle that have a big impact.  First off, I will always carry cloth grocery bags to carry my food.  12 million barrels of oil were used to make 88.5 billion plastic bags in the U.S. last year.  Second, I will stop buying bottled water and instead reuse my Nalgene whenever I need a drink.  Finally, I will put an end to all unwanted catalogs I receive in the mail.  Each year, 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers; most of them are unwanted (in my opinion).  These simple changes in my lifestyle should contribute to a positive environmental effect, and hopefully they can lead to more positive changes in my life. 

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    I plan on getting my boss to start an aquaponics garden at our hostel for the New Year, and making sure that it’s set up for success!  

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    Instead of driving to the bank or grocery store, I will run or bike! (Saves on gas too!) I used to do that more often but I’ve gotten lazy so I want to start that up again. Also, I hope to get a job that is within walking distance, because currently I drive about half an hour to get to work.

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    Recycling and reusing, check.

    Shopping locally, check.

    EV and compost aren’t feasible for me right now, so the next attainable resolution is donating my TIME!  I resolve to volunteer in 2011.

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    My green resolution is to petition for recyclign cans in my community. I also want to start an environmental group that helps plant flowers and trees for the elderly and those how either don;t have the time or are physicaly unable to handle a garden. Wish me luck!

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    Going vegan for a month, volunteering at the red cross to help with this “winter rescue” campaign & starting first aid classes.

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    I’m hoping to get a community garden project started next year, although I am still working out the details of what exactly it will be. As a response to the legislation allowing carcinogenic pesticides for use on California strawberries, I am considering planting a strawberry patch in my garden and perhaps on my roof (which is flat Spanish roof) and sharing the crop with the neighborhood. The project will aim to highlight the need for localized organic agriculture and will support my intention to boycott strawberries grown with the pesticide. In addition to strawberries I plan to extend my garden and share the crop as much as possible with neighbors. You name it- peas, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, oranges- its getting shared if there’s extra! No plastic bags needed. 

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    I’m trying to introduce more vegetarian meals into my diet. A bonus how much more creative I’ve had to become.

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    Make one meal a day vegan.

    Bike one day a week to work – and back!  (Good for the environment and the bum!)

    Refuse to use plastic water bottles.  Get a BPA free reusable water bottle ASAP!

    Never touch another plastic bag again.  Bring your reusable bags with you everywhere … even the mall

    Have one ‘night out’ in per week.  Instead of going to dinner and the movies, make a delish (vegan) meal and watch movies online or on TV

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    For 2012, I want to walk more places, eat less processed foods, make more of my own soups, and find more ways to incorporate vegetables into my diet. I also want to stop eating when I’m no longer hungry instead of when I am feeling full or overly full. I am also looking for a full-time job in the sustainability/environmental fields, so I am hoping to find a great place to work where I can contribute a lot to the health of the planet and species that live on it. 

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    This year, I would like continue to use public transportation, walk or bike as much as I can, especially the latter option even though it is difficult and quite unsafe to bike where I live. I also would like to declutter my life. I have lots of things that I don’t use anymore, so I want to donate them for other people to use. I would like to keep eating as much meatless meals as I can and recycling. Lastly, I would like to volunteer at an environmental non-profit, be it grantwriting, planting trees, outreach, research, etc…

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