What are your favorite places to hike?



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    One of my personal favorite trails to hike is the portion of the Appalachian trail in the Shenandoah Mountains. The Appalachian Trail is a long trail that contains spectacular views of Hawk Mountain, the Lehigh Valley and Blue Rocks; it is also ranked number three on the 100 Best Trails to Hike. Number one on the list is Breakneck Ridge Trail in Beacon, NY. The Anderondex, NY is also supposed to be a great place to go for a challenging hike.

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    The North Ridge along Big Chico Creek in Bidwell Park in Chico, California. It is a recreational trail nothing too difficult about it, but when you get to the top of it you get a great view of the entire Central Valley in California.

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    I found a beautiful place to hike in Ireland along the west coast. We spent the afternoon climbing up a large hill. Once we reached the top we could see the jagged coast line and the crashing waves and choppy water. There were also sheep grazing freely around the giant hill and the sound of the bells around their neck and bleating calls enhanced the whole setting.

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    Anywhere in Mt. Rainier National Park in the Pacific Northwest.  During the summer and early fall it is absolutely beautiful.

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    Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland. It is about 45 minutes from DC. Tons of trails for various levels. Beautiful views, fun to do alone or with friends.

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    1. Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano turned mountain peak in Holyrood Park located in Edinburgh, Scotland. From the top you get great views of both the city and the nature surrounding it. I hiked it with a friend a few years ago. It was my first hike ever and I didn’t find it too difficult, even after we realized that we had been heading the wrong way and had to turn around and re-ascend in the opposite direction.


    2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee was an easier hike than Arthur’s Seat (at least the part I hiked was), but the views were still absolutely stunning!

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