What are your favorite natural cold remedies?



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    Coincidently, I am currently fighting an annoying cough and I have two favorite natural cold remedies. The first is a blast of fresh juice from fruits and vegetables that have a high vitamin C content and antioxidants. This time of year is great for juicing fresh, organic apples, oranges, carrots, grapefruits, pears, and pomegranites. The second thing that I like to do when I have a cold is drink a warm cup of echinacea herbal tea with a raw, eco-friendly spoonful of honey. Both of these things always calm my coughs and sooth my irritating throat.

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    Hot Toddy! This is what my parents used to do and it works pretty well if you add a pile of blankets and sleep on top of that!

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    I always start taking echinacea as soon as I feel something coming on. I also recently started using a Neti Pot for head colds and sinusy stuff and was surprised to find out that it actually works pretty well. I wish I could have found a ceramic one instead of the plastic one that I got, but I wasn’t aware that they existed.

    For coughs, I’ve found that chewing on ginger and swallowing honey are great ways to calm the coughs that are spasmodic and just won’t stop.Honey helps a sore throat too, as does gargling warm, salty water followed by hot water with lemon.

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    I find that avoiding all cooked food and only eating ripe preferably organic tropical fruit and locally grown green leafy things as well as using a product called ‘Ease-a-Cold’ extremely helpful. While I am a raw vegan most of the time, I have had a desire to eat pizza. When I went to New Zealand in August 2011 I ate 2 pizzas in succcessive nights and subsequently contracted the flu. I neglected to take ease-a-cold with me but staying raw made my condition tollerable but prevented me from any further skiing.

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    I eat a lot of berries and drink Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea. It has echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, eucalyptus, and peppermint. It definitely helps me to recover more quickly. 

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    The best way is either take Hot ginger tea mixed with pepper and honey!  Or else you can have Chinese Hot an Sour Soup !

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