What are your favorite green Apps for phones?



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    My favorite green app would be an iphone app called the EnvironRss. This app which only costs a dallor, gives you access to information on all matters relating to the environment. You can follow events around the world by checking out any RSS feeds from government to non-profit feeds like the WWF or Sierra club. You can share these events on facebook or twitter. This is a great resource to have. 

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    Check out TRAFFIC as well. It’s a great phone app that rates almost 20,000 supermarket items with color codes (i.e. red, green, orange) to indicate fat, sugar, and salt content. The food switch app also scans bar codes with app’s camera and gives you recommendations for healthier foods. Cool,huh?

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    My favorite green phone app isn’t really an app that give me green information or support green actions, it is an app calle SmartTransit that provides me with information with public transit arrival and schedules. It utilizes gps technology to locate the closest public transit options to me where-ever I am. I like it because it gives me a peace of mind knowing when a bus will be arriving and where it will be. Taking public transit instead of driving is always the greener option!

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    Check out App Advice, a website dedicated to all things App.You can find the list at this website:


    They have an extensive list of green apps, including My Recycle List, Green Outlet, The Four Seasons (for kids!), EnvironRss, Skeptical Science, Clean the Gulf, Earth Hour 60+, Three Trees, WWF Panda Collection Tin, Good Guide, Lorax Garden, etc. Some of them are games, some are charities, some are for news. 

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