What are your favorite eco-friendly art supplies and materials?



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    http://www.ecoartworks.com is what my mom always uses (she’s a hippie, don’t ask) ¬† But yeah I have used these products and they very god quality¬†

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    Charcoal from my woodstove and black ink made from the black walnuts that grow along a near-by river.

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         Old magazines are a great source of images for making collages. 

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    I like to reuse materials as much as possible. Newspapers, wine corks, and cardboard are all great materials that can be resused in art projects. The website Stubby Pencil Studio has great eco-friendly art supplies for children, but can obviously be used by adults as well. Not only does the site sell the supplies, but it also lists many eco-friendly craft ideas.

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    I try to always buy the recycled sketch pads. Most art supply stores carry them and odds are, the people working there (I usually go to Binder’s or Utrecht) will be stoked to help you find environmentally friendly materials.

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