what are you supposed to do if you are short sighted?



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    Well, if we’re talking about being nearsighted, or having myopic vision, you can get glasses or contacts to correct the problem 🙂  A more expensive and invasive solution is to get laser surgery.  This would eliminate your need for glasses or contacts and provide a long-term fix.

    If we are talking about being imprudent and lacking foresight when making plans or decisions, this is obviously a different problem.  I would suggest working on your planning skills.  Schedule an uninterrupted time into your day to make a list of your goals, and then work each one through by writing out a step-by-step plan on how you are going to achieve them.  Do this daily, and be concrete in defining your objectives, so it is clear you’ve succeeded when you achieve them (and then you can reward yourself!).   Writing out your plan is important – be very specific as to the steps you need to take to achieve the goal.  Practicing this achievement cycle everyday (with little things like planning dinner and bigger things like training for a marathon or searching for a new job) will help you develop foresight.

    In each of your plans, try envisioning different scenarios as to how things might play out.  Then, contemplate the actions and reactions you would take/have depending on those circumstances.  Understanding the different scenarios will help you conceptualize the consequences of your decisions.  Honestly, just taking the time to be prudent in your decisions – to consider all the hypotheticals – will help your planning skills. 

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    If you’re short sighted in terms of eyesight, your best option is to visit an optometrist who will likely prescribe glasses or contacts. If you decide to get glasses, one eco-friendly option is the LinkSkin brand of eco-friendly eyewear. The frames are make without soldering (requiring large amounts of energy), screws, or hinges (metals that need to be mined). The frames are made with recycled plastics and stainless steel, but are still versatile and durable.

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