What are you personally doing to reduce your carbon footprint?



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    I walk everywhere within reason, and rarely use the air conditioner unless its one of those crazy 104+ degree days. I also eat a diet of primarily fruits and vegetables with restricted consumption of meat and dairy. Finally, I purchase used clothes and supplies.  

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    I ride a bike or walk everywhere; I eat mostly leafy things, and never contribute to the demand for meat by paying for it; I keep all appliances unplugged when they’re not being used, and avoid inexorably wasteful technologies like air conditioning. Also, I avoid consumption of anything that comes from far away, and anything that produces or uses plastic, as far as these things are possible.

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    My efforts pale in comparison to mercurycommunication and SowEarlySowOften – I try to limit my car usage when I’m not in school, but it’s inevitable that I drive it a bit. Additionally, I only use my home air conditioner when absolutely necessary. There’s more I could be doing, and I should consider some alternative ways to go about everyday activities without being wasteful.

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    I walk whenever possible and carpool whenever possible. I turn off lights when they don’t need to be used.

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    My house and dorm are free of air conditioning and, living on a college campus, I can afford to go months without using a car. I also avoid drinking bottled water, and instead fill up my Nalgene with water from the faucet or my refrigerator at home. 

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