What are you doing to live green?



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    To live green, I eat a vegetarian diet. I also try to eat organic and buy cruelty free products. Along with my eating habits, I recycle and conserve energy by keeping only a few electronics on at once.

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    I like to be aware of how much I use. I try to be efficient with my water and energy use by rewearing clothes and “if its yellow, let it mellow.” My roommate and I will do things in the same room to reduce the amount of lights we have on. I have a reusable water bottle, I buy locally grown produce at the farmers’ market, I purchase many items second hand, and I mantain a vegan diet.

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    I go to college in Chicago, but spend half of the year in California.  When I am in the city I do not have access to a car so I rely on public transit.  Back in California, there is not a well functioning public transit system in my area, so I use my hybrid to get around.

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    I am always consciously making an effort to make sure my surroundings are clean. I never litter, I always make sure I throw away my trash in a garbage can. I also try not to use a car much. Living in a big city, it is easy for me to take public transportation or walk to places that I need to go to. I also recycle constantly. I try not to over consume and not waste things.

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