What are you doing to help the earth?



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    I participate in protests against the development of the canadian tar sands and the trans-america pipeline.  There is more oil in the bitumin of these sites then in all of Saudi Arabia.  However, many preeminant climate scienctist predict that if this oil is developed it will spell, “game over for the climate”.  These tar sands are also posoining the water supply of canadian indigenous communities, increasing rates of cancer.  The Al Jazeera news program, “Witness” details this tradgedy quite effectively (the link is posted below).  The most recent protest I’ve been involved with was a 40+ mile ride from Boulder to Denver Colorado as part of, “Moving Planet Day”.  We stopped along the way to protest at tar sands and coal plants. 

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    I recycle all that I can and also purchase many recycled products. I compost and use it in my garden, where I grow fresh vegetables and herbs.  Additionally, I buy most of my produce from local farmer’s markets and try to carpool when I can.

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    Due to the high costs of bottled water, I have now stopped buying it. I now use a water filter, and I actually like it better than bottled water. I find that filtered water tastes better, and the fact that I’m helping the environment makes it that much better. It’s also nice knowing that I’m preventing more empty plastic bottles from sitting in landfills. 

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    I collect invasive plants and make invasive species artwork with them. Whenever people see my art, I get the opportunity to tell them about invasive species. I am also helping to get rid of species that are bad for local ecosystems! I also make artwork that features the beauty of different native species. 

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