What are you doing to conserve energy in your every day routine?



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    1. Recycle.  Don’t throw out beer cans and pop bottles.  Put them in a bag and take them to the grocery store.  Not only are you conserving energy and the environment, but getting yourself a bit of cash at the same time.

    2. Save electricity.  Turn off your lights when you don’t need them, turn off the TV, computers and unplug coffee makers and toasters while not using them.

    3. Keep heat in.  Get heavy shades/curtains for the winder to keep heat in.  An uncovered window is a waste of energy.  Tape up your windows so that heat doesn’t get through the cracks.

    4.  Upgrade all of your appliances.  It costs a bit up-front, but if you do it gradually and apply for rebates and tax credits, it doesn’t work out to much more.  This is vital because you use these things on a daily basis.  here’s a link to learn more about this.  

    5. Compost.  Coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable & fruit scraps, tea bags combined with dead leaves and grass clippings will not only avoid them going to the landfill, but will make your garden wonderful in the summertime.

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