What are you doing to be green this Christmas?



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    Well, my family always uses a fake christmas tree versus buying a fresh cut one. Also, we try to use energy efficient lighting and try to buy organic foods for mealtime. Lastly, all my gifts will be ecofriendly and biodegradable.

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    I’m going to use leftover bows and ribbons and recyclable wrapping paper for my gifts.

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    Opting to not hang Christmas lights around the edges of the roof will save a lot of electricity.  It also makes for a cheaper electric bill.  Using a potted plant as a Christmas tree is not only a great room saver in my apartment, it also saves trees.

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    Fresh trees can actually be recycled once they are done being used for the holidays.  This means that they would take up less space in landfills, and could later be used for wood chips.  There are 3,800 spots nationwide that accept old trees.  Visit the link below to find the nearest center.

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    My extended family will be coming over and everything served will be organic and vegetarian.  The food will be served on reusable plates and eaten with reusable utensils.  

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    My family wraps and stores holiday decorations in re-usable packaging material. This way we don’t have to throw it out each year, and it takes up less space in landfills. We are also limiting the amount of Christmas lights that we use on our house, in order to save money and help the environment. 

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