What are the worst things that happen from global warming?



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    If you are willing to subscribe to the doomsayer global warming camp, then the ice caps melting causing the world sea level to rise by 50 or more feet is about as bad as it gets. Thankfully, there is little evidence to back up these claims, and in fact there is mounting evidence that Antarctica is getting colder in many regions. The Arctic ice cap is melting away in the summer more than it usually does and it is possible to see an ice-free Arctic summer as early as 2025. Arctic melting has little to no impact on sea level, as the Arctic freezes out of the sea then thaws back into it in a yearly cycle. The massive glacier onto of Greenland is also showing signs of melting, if it was to totally melt away sea levels could rise by as much as 20ft.

    The science is far from being settled and new studies are coming out every year showing conflicting information. Some areas are warming, others are cooling, and others aren’t changing at all. Climate change is happening, but it could likely be from natural causes. As such, it is best to remain skeptical and to read as much as you can from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

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